We are pleased to be involved in supporting this important program. Vaccination has proven to be a safe and effective way of reducing mortality and morbidity from a wide number of serious diseases. Patients should be aware that this program differs significantly from a usual vaccination e.g. 'flu' campaign including the following:


Wait to be contacted. We will let you know when it's your turn to have the vaccine. It's important not to contact the NHS for a vaccination before then.

The covid-19 vaccination program is being managed centrally through a collaborative. The South Sefton area is being served through a centre based at Maghull Town Hall. As such the practice is dependent on instructions from the vaccination centre. We do not stock the vaccine.



  • All three vaccines purchased by the UK government have had to obtain full scrutiny and regulatory status including phase 3 large scale testing
  • The current Pfizer-BioTech vaccine was trialled on 40,000+ patients (20,000 vaccine, 20,000 placebo) across multiple countries
  • The current Pfizer vaccinations were found to be 95% effective at preventing symptomatic coronavirus infection.
  • It is not well understood how long the immunity lasts for at this point.
  • The vaccination technology used is the most advanced in producing a like for like immune memory but without using the actual virus.


The program

  • The program is being managed centrally through a collaborative of Primary Care Networks and South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • Logistical challenges in relation to the specific vaccines mean that patient allocation can only happen in line with vaccination delivery and reconstitution on site as there is a narrow window in which to use the defrosted vaccine.



  • Eligible patients are tiered according to the government and patients in respective tiers will be contacted directly when we are advised by the vaccination centre.
  • The practice is allocated specific numbers of vaccine slots in line with deliveries and cannot pre-book, over-book or prioritise patients for their own special requirements e.g. holidays etc.
  • Patients need an appointment to attend and should not just 'turn up'.
  • Patients with no allergies are being contacted first as those with allergies listed are likely to require case review.
  • Patients with the following are contraindicated and cannot have the vaccine: History of ANAPHYLAXIS to any drug, food or vaccine. in addition pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are not being given the vaccine.
  • Most of the time there will be less vaccine slots than number of people within a respective tier. Therefore some patients of the same age and risk will inevitably get the vaccine before others and patience is required. Patients within the same tier are being allocated in a stratified way to ensure fairness similar to random allocation.
  • The practice has been inundated with general calls asking when patients they can have the vaccine. This is merely blocking the phone lines for patients who need our help as staff can only book slots when advised. You will be advised that we will contact you. Please trust us with this or we risk unnecessary impact on our service to you.
  • We appreciate patients are anxious but please refrain yourself from being being aggressive or verbally abusive to staff as this does not assist us in providing a service to patients and will only result in a warning.


  • Patients have to be observed for 15 minutes after each vaccination
  • Patients require two vaccinations, three weeks apart to be effectively vaccinated. 
  • Patients still need to adhere to all social distancing regulations and infection control procedures (space, face, hands) after vaccination.


For more information on the corona virus vaccination and national guidance please see the links below.


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